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Dr. Cathy Owens-Oliver

a national speaker, author, professor, leadership effectiveness coach, educational consultant, and master teacher.

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Welcome Educator!

 I'm the thought partner you and your faculty look for when you need a key collaborator on a leadership issue, a career change,

a people problem, a learning goal, or a program improvement planFor 25+ years, in 46 states, I've provided teaching, coaching, and consulting for multitudes of educators-

helping them lead more effectively.


My classroom has always been

a place where great expectations are met.

Scroll below, decide what interests you and select "learn more." I'm excited

to think with you! 




Helping organizations expand

teacher readiness and mentoring, and improve school culture and leadership 

Kids Reading Outdoor






A nonprofit organization providing L.I.F.E. mentoring and social emotional learning for middle school girls  






A national mastermind group  helping educators increase impact and influence without leaving our profession


Some agencies for whom I've been a consultant, coach, and/or keynote speaker:

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.

  • Served as a senior leader in 3 national education orgs

  • Effectively managed multi-mil dollar budgets/grants

  • Has supervised more than 300 staff and volunteers

  • Helped increase org member volume by 50%

  • Coached leaders in 46 of 50 states and in Canada

  • Has coordinated many outreach programs for youth and women in high poverty communities

  • Is published in magazines, journals, and textbooks

  • Has spoken at hundreds of state and national conferences for education and business leaders

  • Is determined to improve her golf game, and she...

  • Loves seafood, gardening, music, writing, mentoring millennials, and traveling with her husband


I know what you're thinking...

How do I manage all the competing projects in my life?  How do I more fully engage people in my organization to achieve intended outcomes? How do I maximize the use of technology without minimizing in-person interaction? How do I get fellow leaders to value the people more than their position? How do I move forward in my career without having to leave the job I love? Great questions. Real problems! I'm here to help you solve them.

Are you ready for meaningful change?