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Discussing the Numbers

Building Core Capacity for


Leadership (TM)

Opening the door to more effective teamwork

 In a learning organization, leaders are designers, 

stewards, and teachers. They are responsible for building organizations where people continually expand their capabilities...

Peter Senge

Imagine this... 

Everybody in your organization effectively engaged every day!  That's the goal! Can't you see it? To fast track your way to this intended outcome, you have to shift the focus --yours and theirs-- from vision ambition to vision advantage.  This demands effective,  next level leadership. The next level begins with you.  


We are here to help you get there! 

How do you get better results, better participation, and evidence that your organization really matters?  How do you more fully engage your organization's newcomers, especially the millennials, without disengaging the veteran members? How do you maximize the use of technology without minimizing in-person interaction? How do you get fellow leaders to value the people more than their positions of power? Great questions.  Real problems!

We help you move from efficiency to effectiveness!

Everyone in your organization needs to be effectively engaged in advancing the mission because they see the vision as part of their own. Imagine all of them, with their varied skills, needs, and interests all working together because they place equal value on what the next level means. That's what moves teams to a higher level of effectiveness. And that's why I teach systems thinking. Scroll down to learn more.

DrCathyO has been there and done that!


  • Served as senior leader in three national education organizations

  • Effectively managed multi-million dollar budgets and grants

  • Supervised more than 300 staff and volunteers

  • Increased membership volume by more than 50%

  • Advised education leaders in 46 of 50 states and in Canada

  • Published in magazines, journals, and textbooks

  • Leading speaker at hundreds of state and national conferences

  • Positively influenced the way millennials think and lead

  • Accomplished National Board Certified Teacher 

  • Earned Doctorate in Ed Leadership, Management, and Policy

Are you ready to get started? Click below.

Six Core Capacities for Effective Leadership (TM)

is a management system for effective organizational change.


LEADING Teams Beyond Me, We, and They

ENGAGING Team Members in Problem-Solving

ASSESSING Strengths to Pursue Opportunities

DELEGATING Tasks That Elevate the Vision

ESTABLISHING Standards of Practice

RETAINING Talent, Success, and Mentors

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