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Hello my sister! I am celebrating what this masterclass means for your life and for the Kingdom!

It's about time you brought your business to church!

Did you know God gave you "pro-ministry" gifts that are equally effective no matter where you are? These gifts don't stop working when we end a workday or a church event. Our professional and spiritual gifts go hand in hand and the laborer is worthy of her hire.  You're the laborer and a faith-full laborer must understand her worth!  So I created a masterclass to help you with this. You might as well SIGN UP now!

It's time for a strategic “pro-ministry” plan that aligns with your unique gifts, values, and calling. Faithful>Fusion guides you in creating a roadmap for your “pro-ministry,” helping you express your faith in ways that resonate authentically with who you are and increase your impact in the marketplace.


Let's get together and co-create a faithful>fusion to expand the way you show up in the world. There's so much more to do in your "pro-ministry." Your professional expertise matters in the sanctuary and your excellence in ministry matters where you work. Without a faithful>fusion, you neglect your gifts and all the people who need them.  If you agree, go ahead and SIGN UP now! 

Here's what's included in the package God told me to design for you:​

  • Five Life-giving Masterclasses and group Q&A

  1. Identity: Overcoming Fear and Knowing Your Worth Unapologetically

  2. Leading and Serving with Humility, Empathy, and Sense of Purpose

  3. Building Your Own Brand and Embracing Your Platforms

  4. Content Development and a Strategic Plan for your "pro-ministry" 

  5. Income Stream: How to Market and Monetize Your Plan

  • Power "points" with highly successful women who established "pro-ministries"

  • One free individual power-coaching session with DrCathyO. 

  • Bonus offer: Drafting Your E-book, even if you don't think you're a writer!


Are you ready to embark on this transformative journey? Spaces are limited, and we're eager to welcome women committed to blending their skills, serving with purpose, and making a lasting impact. Don't miss out – SIGN UP now and experience the powerful fusion of business and ministry that awaits you.


Faithful>Fusion is a five week masterclass on Zoom.

We meet every Wednesday, January 3, 10, 17, 24, and 31

45 minute learning session, 15 minute Q&A

  One free individual strategy sessions with DrCathyO

Personal interaction with other highly successful fempreneurs guests

Only $197 (50% off this one-time only 2024 kick-off price)

Expect to generate ROI within 30 days. Full harvest demands full seeding.

Space is limited.  Registration is nonrefundable.

You will never be the same after this divine appointment with destiny!

A seed never leaves your life.  Instead, it goes into your future and prepares for your arrival.

Dr. Otis Lockett, Sr. 

03 ene 2024, 20:30 GMT-5 – 31 ene 2024, 20:30 GMT-5
FaithfulFusion with DrCathyO
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