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Guess what!

I'm getting ready to open the door for you and other school change agents who have brilliant ideas and strategies but just need a platform to help get them out there! LET'S WRITE THIS BOOK!

Here's what's in it for you:​

  • Editing, Formatting, Cover, and Endorsements

  • Group Coaching Calls and Masterclasses

  • Social Media Marketing and Promotions

  • Best Seller Campaign

  • Customized promo graphics (your photo and bio)

  • Content development webinar: “Help, I’m a new writer!”

  • Income Stream Webinar: “How to Market and Monetize Your Book

  • 100% Profit on Wholesale Purchase and Retail Sales

  • Establish Your Own Brand and Platform

  • Bonus 1: “My Next Book Masterclass” – Discount Rate

  • Bonus 2: One free month in DrCathyO’s Leadership Advancement Academy

  • Personal interaction with other highly successful education leaders

Price: $997 (generate a full return of your investment after selling 40 books)

Contact me when you are ready to pay by Cashapp $1008 with tax or Paypal (which adds a 2.9% fee of $29 = $1037). 


  • March 11th - Payment Due 

  • March 31th Professional Headshots & Bio Due 

  • April 15th - Chapters Due (<1500 words)

  • June 30th - Book Release


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